Marching Drums

The Marching drum is also called as Baas Drum , which is made by using Aluminium Sheets and Fittings. Its sizes available in 24" , 26" , 28"


It is well professional clarinet having 17 keys with boyam system. Its also available in 13 Keys & 14 Keys.

Bagpipe Reed

Its Bagpipe Pipe reed which is using for playing Bagpipe Instrument & its made by Wood.


The Flute is a family of Instruments of wood wind group & its a reed less instrument. A musician who plays the flute instrument is called "fluter".


This Is the Complete Professional Bagpipe Instrument (Bagpipe Drons , Cover , Rubber Bladder , Cord & Ribbon) which is made by Sheesham wood & it also available in bakelite.

Band Costume

This is the picture of complete Bagpipe Massed Band Group (Shirt, Pant ,Skirt , Cap, Kammar Band , Leather Belt & Dress Cord ,& Jari Belt)

Easy Training Methods

We recognize the importance of nurturing musical skills of students that reflect our culture and contribute to their overall development.

Snare Drum

Its Aluminium sheeted made Snare/Side Drum which is using in marching Bands & other ceremonial Function's. Its available in various size's 12" ,14" inch.

Tenor Drum

It's Aluminium Sheet made Tannor Drum which is commonly use for marching activity and its size's available in 16", 18" inchs.

Drum Sticks

Its Sheesham wood made Drum Stick which is used for Jaaz Drum , Snare Drum & other musical instruments.

Bagpipe Chanter

Its a bacalite Bagpipe Chanter it used to play Bagpipe & its also available in wood also.

Practice Chanter Reed

Its a practice chanter reed which is using for playing Practice chanter and its made by using wood and copper wire.

Ceremonial Leader Stick

Its a ceremonial leader stick which is using for ceremonial band performances and marching. It is made by wood cane , Brass , Chain & Nickel.